Barrels By Smiley

B​arrels By Smiley, a non-profit organization is a distributing Center of Love by producing Smiles.

Barrels By Smiley is created to carry out a simple mission, putting smiles on the faces of as many less fortunate children as possible in the island of Jamaica who are in need of the basic schools supplies such as; book bags, notebooks, pencils, pens and other needed necessities to attend school. 

Barrels By Smiley is dedicated to reach out to schools, families, organizations and communities to provide this service to children who are in need of the support.  Children are recommended by teachers/principal or community referral based on their needs.  

We know that it takes a village to raise a child, that’s why it is our mission to help each child in need one child at a time.

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Barrels By Smiley...

Inspired by the loving

memories of my mother

Daphne Johnson



Kiley Howell

Two of the most selfless and

loving people who have


my life.

Call or Text us to send/mail your donations.

Phone: 678-651-3460

Email: [email protected]

Collections of donations/supplies are ongoing to make each school year possible.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Shanett Smiley

Barrels By Smiley

(A non-profit organization)