Year 2021:

- Over 150 students have received bookbags/school supplies

- 14 tablets have been distributed to great deserving students  

Principal Palmer and your awesome staff...I appreciate you all. And thank you again for surprising me with this beautiful plaque...It is so very much appreciated and its a pleasure to be of service. 

NUFF LOVE to all the children and parents.  I so much appreciate all your wonderful and gracious words and gratitude.   Blessings Always!! 


Duckenfield Primary School(St. Thomas, Jamaica)- Aug 5th, 2021

BBS Donation Distribution

School Supplies Event


Ice Cream Surprise Treats

Principal Sinclair and your great staff and BBS helpers...thank you again for always helping and showing great support. It was awesome to be of service again at Duckenfield Primary School. Children and parents it was great seeing you all and your words of encouragement and heartful appreciation is priceless. Thank you!!

Community Referrals

This is an ongoing annual event for Barrels By Smiley 

and with your help more schools will be added each year. 

Supplies/Donations are collected daily.

Your Help Is Much Appreciated!

Other donation options are available...Please contact us!

Remember donations are tax deductible.


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Barrels By Smiley...

Inspired by the loving

memories of my mother

Daphne Johnson



Kiley Howell

Two of the most selfless and

loving people who have


my life.

                  Phone/Text: 678-651-3460

Email: [email protected] or

[email protected]

        Mail Donations: 8170 Mall Pkwy, Unit #1006

Lithonia, GA 30038


**Collections of donations/supplies are ongoing to make each school year possible.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Shanett Smiley

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